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Low impact, environmental friendly, Hydrographic Survey


Many of our surveys are conducted using a small kayak fitted with a CEEDUCER Pro, linked by wi-fi to a Panasonic Toughbook computer which can relay information to a remote, touch screen. This  kayak was powered by a Minn Kota electric motor.


Our methods provide easy access into remote sites while producing maintaining highly accurate survey results.







Ocean Caraibes has provided Hydrographic, Bathymetry and Geophysical Surveys, throughout the Caribbean, Central & South American and Oceania for over 20 years.


Ocean Caraibes basic approach to these types of surveys has provided our diversified range of clients the opportunity to keep their costs at a minimum.


The majority of our hydrographic surveys are processed by utilizing small, three to five meter length rubber boats or dinghies.  Most often, these craft are provided by clients or local boat owners at affordable daily rates.  Some of our surveys are even pursued from in kayaks, large surfboards and even afoot  through salt pond and wetland areas.


This approach enables us to survey those difficult to reach, near-shore areas that larger craft can't approach.  In turn, the clients save thousand of dollars in, mobilization & demobilization fees and charter & captain  fees associated with larger survey boats. 


All our hydrographic surveys meet the IHO (International Hydrographic Organization) Standards, plus the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Class I, II and III standards.


*See Summary of the IHO minimum standards below.



of IHO Minimum Standards for Hydrographic Surveys

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